Sunday, March 16, 2008

SO pai sei leh...

pai seh pai seh..
baru ada blog sudah tak boleh 'blog'
cause going NS..
need sun block but i cant blog

sarawak bau.. here i come lo~!!!!!!

NATIONAL SERVICE...........~~~~~~~

haiz haiz haiz... going for NS liao...
how's ife gona b thr ????
fun?? enjoyable ??
meeting new friends is not tat easy... getting along is even harder...
will life b happier when i m thr ??? or might it b worst ???
wat wil happen thr ??
ghost story may b??
getting to b arang????
going to b bullied or will i bully ???

must still stay on!!! thats wat life gona b...

but but but...
cant imagine how will i look like when i am botak leh..